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For Maple Leaf Pharmacy and Clinic, a redefined digital experience was the cornerstone to it’s “Revamping” mission. The London based Clinic partnered with Acme Studios to create a best-in-class design that could be deployed on it’s Laser Clinic Website. Design and development efforts were focused on quickly launching it’s knowledge base while enabling Maple Leaf’s internal teams to provide excellent service.


Create new features for the Maple Leaf staff to increase sales.

Design the site incorporating the Maple Leaf brand identity.

Ensure the website is quick, efficient and responsive for their users across all devices.

Ensure the website is secure and keeps patients’ data safe.

Provide an easy to use CMS (Content Management System) which allows the staff to upload, edit and share content more effectively.


As with all design-lead sites, we wanted to concentrate on how we could place the content to make it as clean and readable as we possibly could.

We started with sketching out wireframes, featuring areas of flexible blocks of content, allowing each page layout to look great regardless of the amount of content inside. We used heat-mapping software to figure out where were the most effective calls-to-action blocks that proved to be most effective. This type of strategic planning allowed us to begin designing around vital elements on-page.


After re-visioning Maple Leaf Laser’s current branding, we started creating a highly dynamic and visual experience to show off their array of knowledge and services available to users and customers.


Maple Leaf loved the end product and were delighted that the team had produced a site which included all the functionality and design required. Keeping content and engagement at the forefront of its purpose, Maple Leaf wellness clinic are looking forward to discovering how the knowledge base will benefit their staff and promote new ways of information sharing.