The new GDPR?

The worlds leading tech giants, Google, Facebook and others could be facing more restrictions on their market power after the EU Parliament committee voted in favour of tougher copyright rules on just last week.

The new copyright rules that are proposed by the EU over two years ago are now designed to take notice of the growing role within online platforms, forcing them to share their revenues with publishers and finally bear some sort of liability for copyright infringement on the internet (Poor Youtube & Facebook)

But that’s not all, this you feel has been a long time coming for the tech-giants, June 20th saw a committee in the EU’s legislative armĀ approveĀ a proposed model copyright law that in laymen’s terms it would most likely lead to apps and sites to screen any user-uploaded content using filters to detect any copyrighted material. This will be sent to a vote by the full European Parliament.

Some critics say this part of the proposal, Article 13, would lead to perfectly legal and legitimate content being blocked even outside the European Union.

Well, this seems to heating up, your move tech giants!