CD Cover design for Sylvette

Up and coming band Sylvette contacted Acme Studios to design the artwork for their new CD cover design. Our job was made considerably easier as they supplied us with a painting image by the artist and Picasso’s muse Sylvette David (BBC website article about Sylvette David) from whom the band were named.

Sylvette CD cover design

Sylvette CD cover design


The band’s song writer, guitarist and singer Charlie Sinclaire contacted Sylvette David who agreed to them including her painting in the design. You can hear some of Sylvette’s fabulous music by visiting their website here.


The band have assembled a set of 8 superb tracks, listed on the back cover.

CD design front and back cover

CD front and back cover


The background element for the inside cover and tray card feature an oil paint texture that links through from the front cover.

CD artwork inside texture

CD artwork inside texture


Acme Studios have created many and varied designs for CD artwork in the past, you can view our previous design for print here.